1. Eligibility

Every month, we select 5 newsletter subscribers as winners who can receive any item from the FREE GIFTS collection with free shipping. 

To be eligible for a free gift, you need to create an account and add your address so that we can send it to you. Please make sure your name and email address are entered correctly. You do not need to make a purchase to win the free gift. 

Attempts at cheating or using a false name and e-mail address will lead to exclusion from winning. 

2. Winner announcement

If you win, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from Dabolly.

By entering, you accept that Dabolly may announce the name of the winner/s on media used by Dabolly.

3. Free gifts

You can choose any item from the FREE GIFTS collection and you can choose only one item from each entry. The free gifts cannot be exchanged for cash or other goods.

Shipping is also free, and we will send the parcel using standard shipping. We cannot resend the parcel if it gets lost or damaged during the transportation. 

After you receive the free gifts, you’ll be asked to write a product review. Please try to be as specific as possible, as writing specific product reviews can increase your chances of winning more giveaways. If you receive free gifts but refuse to write the reviews, your chance of winning other giveaway campaigns will be significantly reduced. 

4. Use of personal data

By entering, you agree to registering your name and other necessary contact information. The information provided as part of the campaign will be used in connection therewith. 

Data cannot be used by third parties and Dabolly is obliged to protect the participants’ privacy. All personal data provided through registration is stored under safe conditions. Data is only stored for as long as there is reason to. You have the right to insight into the data that is registered about you. Enquiries about this must be made to Dabolly.