How to take magazine-worthy fashion photos


Answer the following questions:

1. Does your social media account (specifically, the photos you post) have an overall style/theme?

Check your Instagram page, see if you can pick up a uniform mood/style of all of your posts. If you don’t see any resemblance in your posts, move slightly away from your screen and see if you can distinguish a color that appears a lot in your posts, or is there a specific filter you prefer to use.

2. Do you want to develop a theme for all of your future posts?

If so, choose filters/settings/props carefully. Brainstorm and jot some ideas down on a paper, pick out the ideas that have the most similar style. Stick with the same mood/air for all of your future posts with some minor (yet interesting) alterations, depending on the products you are featuring. (more pro tips here:

3. Which aspect of the product do you want to highlight?

Examine the product carefully, choose one or two aspects that pique your interest, try fit in those into your photo ideas. You want to highlight the products in your own unique way, that is, let the audience see it in the way that you do. 


1. Use A Tripod

Using a tripod will keep your iPhone steady to ensure your shots are as sharp as possible. This is especially important if you’re shooting in low light. If there’s not much light in the scene, your iPhone will need to use a slower shutter speed to correctly expose the image. A tripod is also useful because it allows you to keep your hands free for arranging the scene, giving directions to your model and possibly holding some kind of artificial light source or reflector.

2. Decide On Your Lighting Setup

If you prefer shooting indoors, invest in a lighting reflector or an artificial light source. Alternatively, plan to shoot when the sun is lower in the sky – the warm light of golden hour will add a beautiful glow to your images. Lighting is VITAL if you want your pics to look like they were taken by a professional fashion photographer.


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