✨ About Dabolly

Dabolly is an online marketplace where influencers put their smashing tastes and judgement of product to good use - helping customers worldwide to find trendy and high-quality products at unbelievable prices!

💟 Want extra $$$? Open a store on Dabolly

We all have heard of how Gen Z is constantly looking for inspirations from influencers. It is a win-win approach for you as an influencer to start your own online business: your followers can finally shop with ease and confidence, as they trust your taste and judgment of quality; you, at the same time, will be able to harness the sheer power of your social media influence as well as develop a long-lasting way to bank on it. ;) 

You may think you need hundreds of thousands of followers to be qualified as an influencer, but that’s not necessarily true. At Dabolly, we believe everyone is an influencer, no matter how many followers you have on social media platforms, as long as you can find items that your family, friends or followers will like.

🎬 Dabolly Influencer Program — Shoot  videos and share them

With apps such as Instagram and TikTok, you can easily share your reviews and comments about our products and promote them to potential customers worldwide. 

In fact, many of our current customers have been doing this already, including major influencers with over a million followers. They have opened stores on Dabolly, shoot videos with the products purchased and share them with followers. There is absolutely no cost, risk, and hassle whatsoever as we will take care of everything for you, from product supplies and warehousing, to shipping and handling etc.

If you are interested in opening a store with us and start earning extra income on Dabolly, please sign up here.

🎁 TikTok Freebies —— Go live with free samples from us

For those who are active on TikTok and are able and willing to go live and talk about our products, you are eligible to receive free samples from us! 

We will also help you grow your social media exposure (likes and followers) by creating promotional ads campaigns featuring your account on Facebook/Instagram/TikTok. 

If things go well, we will also help you establishing your own brand in the future!

To learn more, send us an email with subject line “TikTok Live Freebies”, along with your TikTok @.